Dust To Life

by The House Band

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Sergiu Placinta Thank you for standing out in the midst of poor CCM and producing Christ Exalting, beautiful songs! Favorite track: The One True Light.
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Dust To Life is a live album of twelve original songs from The Crowded House, a local church in Sheffield, UK. We've enjoyed singing these songs together over the years and we hope this album will bless God's people, helping them celebrate their shared life in Christ.


released November 18, 2016

Recorded by Frazer Gall and Aron Bicskey on 3rd and 4th June 2016 at The Crowded House, Sheffield.
Words and music available at www.dusttolife.co.uk
Vocals: Lucy Mitchell, Rob Spink and The Crowded House
Keys: Rob Spink
Guitars: Josh Boot
Bass: Ben Higgins
Drums: Aron Bicskey
Violin on tracks 1,8 and 10: Laura Critoph
Cello on tracks 1,8 and 10: Benjamin Jackson

Produced and mixed by Aron Bicskey, Resound Media.
Mastered at Third Floor Studios, Sheffield.

Artwork: Josh Boot Photography



all rights reserved


The House Band Sheffield, UK


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Track Name: The One True Light
Verse 1:
In Him was life, before the dawn of all created light,
Life's uncreated author, the Father's own delight,
The One who spoke the dust to life and darkness into day,
Now born into the darkness, God's Light in human clay.

Come and worship at the manger, behold the One True Light,
See the One with no beginning at his birth;
As we stand amazed, glory fills our gaze;
Come and praise as heaven dawns upon the earth!

Verse 2
In Him the Light of all the world spills down from heaven's throne,
God's glory in a manger, the unseen God made known;
This Morning Star will recreate until the blackest night,
Then break death's ancient darkness with resurrection light.

Verse 3
You draw us in, O Light of all, to join in your delight,
Your radiant flood of welcome, which makes us sons of light;
Replace our jaded apathy with hope that shines anew,
A beacon in the darkness that points the way to you.
Track Name: We're a People
Verse 1
We’re a people with a future,
in a world that God makes new.
Christ will come again in glory,
Conquer death and sin subdue.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
God eternal, three-in-one,
sharing life and love forever
with the people Christ has won.

Hallelujah, Father, Spirit, Son
Hallelujah, may your kingdom come
Hallelujah, may your will be done.
May your glory fill the earth.

Verse 2
We’re a people with a history,
chosen before time began
Jesus came to earth as promised
Christ our saviour, God made man,
Adam’s curse he turned to blessing,
died our death and rose again.
Now he fills us with his Spirit
to proclaim his gracious reign.

Verse 3
We’re a people in the present,
given power from above.
Christ unites his baptised people
round the bread and wine in love.
Guilty sinners find a welcome,
grace restores us in God’s sight.
So our life and words proclaim him,
littering the world with light.
Track Name: Mercy Without Measure
Verse 1
Lord, we come to you a blessed and broken people
Holding nothing in our hands but sin and shame
knowing keenly all the conflicts of a prideful heart
that loves its fame, and hates your name.
So we come you without a single credit
Clinging only to the precious cross of Christ
where the Lion on the throne who is the Lamb of God
gave up his life, in sacrifice.

There is mercy without measure in your death, Lord.
there is no other place where sinful men may hide.
And so we run to find the grace that is made ours in you.
We will live our lives where our great saviour died:
At the cross, at the cross, at the cross,
The cross of Christ.

Verse 2
Yet we try to live our lives each day without you;
try to find ourselves in things that fade away.
Find importance in the things we do and not in you
like fools at play, we run astray.
So we come to you to glory in your mercy
come to call each other back to your great love;
come to leave behind our idols and our substitutes
and fix our love on God above.
Track Name: Baptised in Christ
Verse 1
Baptised in Christ who died our death,
who took our sin and broke its reign,
in him we live, our lives made new,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

Verse 2
Baptised in Christ, the old is gone,
no longer bearing Adam’s name,
no longer ruled by Adam’s sin,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

Verse 3
Baptised in Christ who died to sin,
who rose to conquer death’s do-main,
so when he comes we’ll live with him,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

Chorus 1
We thank you for the gift of life
to those once dead in Adam’s race.
We thank you for our life in Christ,
we thank you for your reign of grace.

Verse 4
Baptised in Christ, from sin set free,
no reason to obey its claims,
to righteousness we now are bound,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

Chorus 1
We thank you for the gift of life
to those once dead in Adam’s race.
We thank you for our life in Christ,
we thank you for your reign of grace.

Chorus 2
We count ourselves alive to you,
we offer up the life you’ve won.
Help us to live as those made new.
help us to live in Christ your Son.
Track Name: We Believe
Verse 1
We believe in God the Father,
Lord almighty over all:
seen and unseen worlds created
by his will and at his call.
We believe in our Lord Jesus,
God from God and Light from Light.
Through him all things were created,
held together through his might.

We will worship God the Father,
we will worship God the Son,
we will worship God the Spirit,
triune God, the Three-in-One.

Verse 2
We believe in Christ our Saviour,
born of Mary, God made man.
On the cross he died to save us,
to complete the Father’s plan.
We believe he rose as promised,
conquered death, reversed the Fall.
Now he reigns and reigns forever;
soon he’ll come to judge us all.

Verse 3
We believe in God the Spirit,
who through prophets breathed God’s word:
through that word new life is given;
through that word God’s voice is heard.
We believe in baptised people,
sharing life with God above.
We await the resurrection;
we await eternal love.
Track Name: Adoption Story (Thank You, Jesus)
Verse 1
Our song is of the Son of God,
Who left his home of love and glory,
And in our place he bore disgrace
To write us this adoption story.

So we worship him who came to us,
Resigning pure delight so he could bring
Those without a home to the Father's own:
Welcomed as his daughters and his sons.
Thank you Jesus.

Verse 2
He lived among the broken ones,
With people scarred by hate's rebellion;
A tomb of stone became his home,
So we could know the love of heaven.

So we worship him who lived with us,
Who bore our brokenness so he could bring
Those without a home to the Father's own:
Welcomed as his daughters and his sons.
Thank you Jesus.

Verse 3
The Father's arms are open wide:
Our Saviour's death tore down the curtain.
The lost and scarred no longer barred,
Our home with God secure and certain.

So we worship him who rescued us,
The One who died our death so he could bring
Those without a home to the Father's own:
Welcomed as his daughters and his sons.
Thank you Jesus.

Verse 4
Adopted now, our lives secure
In Jesus Christ, our elder brother,
We boldly live and gladly give
Our hearts and homes to welcome others.

So we worship him who lives in us
O give us hearts of love that long to bring
Those without a home to the Father's own
Welcomed as his daughters and his sons
Thank you Jesus
Track Name: O Soul Why Now So Weary?
Verse 1
O soul, why now so weary?
Why so disturbed within me?
Lift up your eyes and see your God.
Why so cast down in silence?
In God is rich abundance.
Open your ears and hear his word:

“O remember how I’ve loved you
Only think how I’ve redeemed you
How could I then forget you
Who are mine?”

Verse 2
O soul, he knows your aching,
your tears and restless waking
He knows the sorrow deep inside;
Pour out, O heart, your grieving
and lean on him, believing
The Father’s promise to his child

Verse 3
O soul, how can you worry?
Your burden he will carry:
He bore the greatest on the tree
O soul, if he gave Jesus
To bleed and die to save us
Will he not give you all you need?
Track Name: Voices
Verse 1
Lord, we confess we’ve heard the lies of earth
Promising worth, they can’t deliver
Listened to worldly guides with blinded eyes
whose sweet advice bears fruit that’s bitter.

Verse 2
Lord, we confess we’ve trusted how we feel
to teach what’s real, and to define us.
Crouching within the walls of fear and pride
we’ve tried to hide, their lies confine us.

Christ Jesus is himself the truth that will endure
His word is sure, my heart rejoices.
Teach our ears to hear the story that he tells
above the swell of other voices.

Verse 3
Lord, we confess we’ve heard the guilty cry
of days gone by, with errors littered.
Trusted the lie that this is who we are,
nursing our scars, with souls embittered

Verse 4
Lord we confess our hearts don’t guide us well
The lies they tell, run deep and hollow.
Our circumstances whisper in our ears.
Too quick we hear. Too quick we follow.
Track Name: Our King
Verse 1
Our King is a king of mercy
He gave the blind their sight and the dumb their speech
He healed the sick and raised the dead
Our King is a king of Mercy

Even though our memories may fail us
May we always remember this:
We are great sinners
but we have a great saviour in Christ

Verse 2
Our King is a king of cruel scars
he was punished beaten whipped and condemned to die.
Though he had done no wrong at all
Our King is a king of cruel scars.

Verse 3
Our King is a king of passion
“It is finished” he cried out and gave up his life
so we could be his family
Our King is a king of passion.

Verse 4
Our King is a king of glory,
even death could not keep hold of this king of life
he rose triumphant from the grave.
Our King is a king of glory.
Track Name: Where Are You Lord? (Psalm 10)
Verse 1
The strong ones crush the weak and claim the prize
Where are you Lord?
There is no fear of judgement in their eyes.
They claim there is no God to see their plan
Where are you Lord?
They say “Who then will stop me? No-one can”.

Verse 2
Deceitful words lie hid beneath their tongue
Where are you Lord?
They tear apart the poor, the weak, the young.
They claim that God forgets of does not see
Where are you Lord?
They say “God hides his face, and we are free”.

Verse 3
But there is nothing hidden from your sight
Arise, O Lord
For Lord, you reign supreme in power and might.
You’ll call them to account for every deed
Arise, O Lord
The helpless turn to you in all their need.

Verse 4
A refuge where the needy ones can run,
Arise O Lord!
The nail marked hands of Christ, your only Son
He bore injustice hanging on the tree,
Arise O Lord!
The guiltless one who sets the captives free

Verse 5
And Lord, you hear the cries of those oppressed
Arise, O Lord.
You are the helper of the fatherless.
And on your great and final judgement day,
Arise, O Lord
The strong ones of the earth will melt away
Track Name: We Will Follow Christ (Psalm 16)
Verse 1
Keep us safe, Lord,
We take our refuge here, declaring:
“You are our Lord,
We have no good outside of you.”
We are yours, Lord,
And by your hand our days are written;
All we need, Lord,
Your gracious hand has gladly given.

And to your people, those I love,
I will sing this song:

When people run to other gods
They find their sorrows rise;
We will not give our lives to them
But we will follow Christ!

Verse 2
You're our guide, Lord,
And in the night our hearts remind us:
We’re with you, Lord
You're at our side, we will not fear;
We are full, Lord
With gladness, joy and hope unmeasured,
Christ is our Lord,
In Him alone is life forever.

And to your people, those I love,
I will sing this song:

Final Chorus
In Him our joy will overflow
He leads us into life
With Him are pleasures evermore
So we will follow Christ!
Track Name: We Long To See Our Jesus
Verse 1
We long to see our Jesus
Honoured as Lord of everything,
Ev'ry tongue declares him King;
Then we will bow in wonder,
Marvelling that this majesty
Bowed his head upon the tree.

On that last great day, all is stripped away
And we'll see him face to face;
Overcome with awe, we will then adore
Jesus Christ the One of grace;
We long to see his face.

Verse 2
We long to see our Jesus
Standing in glory as the sun,
Radiant Christ the holy one;
Then we will fall in worship,
Knowing that he, the living light,
Bore our sins as black as night.

Verse 3
We long to see our Jesus
Seated as mighty Judge and Lord,
Bearing justice as a sword;
Then we will gaze in wonder,
Not in our guilty rags we're dressed,
But in blood-bought righteousness.